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Applewood Immigration Inc.
Applewood Immigration & Settlement Services Incorporation has been successfully serving immigration clients for nearly 20 years. In this period we have enjoyed tremendous growth, due to the value of quality of our services provided through the exceptional performance of our staff.

This year Canada will admit approximately 260,000 immigrants according to the new immigration policy. On a per capita basis, this level of immigration ranks among the highest in the world.

Our clients rely on our vast experience to steer them safely through each stage of the immigration process. Our clients enjoy our on-line "Case Status" system, which allows them to confidentially check their case status anytime from anywhere in the world.

If you are considering applying for Permanent Residence in Canada, one of your first considerations will be the category you should apply. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in this regard. We can help you through the complicated and ever changing tangle of regulations & procedures.

Our president Mr. Izhar H. Zaidi, is a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Please visit www.iccrc-crcic.ca by clicking on the link. His Membership ID number is R421959.

Online Assessment
Interested in immigrating to Canada? Our free Online Assessment system is available to assess your education and skills to determine if you are eligible for immigration to Canada. You will be asked few simple questions (your age, your education, your experience, your skills in English and or French, whether you have a valid job offer and your adaptability). These factors are part of a 100-point grid used to assess federal skilled workers. This means you earn points for how well you do in each of the six factors. The total points will show if you qualify for the Express Entry pool. The current pass mark is 67 points. This tool is free and easy to use. Please click on following link to use that tool.
Free Online Assessment

Online Case Status
We have developed a secure Case Status System, where our clients can check the current status of their case. Clients can also submit required information online into our Online Application From system for speedy processing. Please click on following link to log into the Case Status System.
Online Case Status System

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