For new Canadians arriving in Ontario, the office of Applewood is presently offering the following services to assist in the settlement and adaptation to a new country and culture (similar services in other cities are being arranged). Settelment services may include followings;

  • Airport Pickup
  • Accomodation
  • Banking
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Health Care
  • Community Services
  • Public Transport
  • Orientation

Details for this services are given on left side of this page.


A representative of our office will greet new immigrants at the airport upon their arrival. Transportation will be arranged from the airport to accommodations, which can also be pre-arranged. Upon arrival in a new country, assistance at this, earliest stage of arrival, can be comforting.


Short term: A representative will arrange suitable accommodations for the nights immediately following arrival in Canada.

Long Term: Following a chance to learn more about what the client prefers, a more permanent residence will be located in accordance with the budget which is agreed upon. The location of suitable Schooling nearby may be a consideration for those clients arriving with children.


If bank accounts have not yet been established, a representative will assist the client in establishing bank accounts, and obtaining automated banking cards.


A representative will assist the client in completing the forms necessary for obtaining a Social Insurance Number (SIN), and will accompany the client to a Human Resources Development Canada office for filing of the application.


Once a social insurance number has been obtained, and a long-term address has been established, a representative will accompany the client to complete an application for provincial health care.


A representative will assist the client in locating the closest community centre, and will familiarize the client with the services offered at such.


A representative will provide the client with a map and brief familiarization with the available public transportation systems available in the area.


The client will be taken on a tour of the area in which they will be residing. They will be provided with guidance regarding the use of public transport in the area, locations of places of worship for their faith, locations where they can buy groceries, and where foods that they may be familiar with can be found (ethnic grocery stores).